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About Me

My obsession began at age four when my aunt presented me with a Diana camera for my birthday. A few years later, an uncle gave me his Sears darkroom kit. I was hooked, and since then my life has been a series of shutter clicks. My Bachelor of Arts in Photography came from Southern llinois University. In its Cinema & Photography Department, I gained a unique view and understanding of the history and processes of the photographic realm.

The last twenty years have found me working for, with and beside photographers and agencies ranging from high volume portrait studios to event photography companies and most everything in between. This varied experience both sharpened and expanded my studio and location skills as well as strengthening my post production abilities. I am a member of the NAPP and have been an enthusiast of digital darkroom work since purchasing my first copy of Aldus Photo back in the early 1990s.

My photographic interests run the gamut from toy camera work, HDR, portraiture, to food and product photography and most everything else. My current focus on motorsports photography combines my enduring interest and admiration of sportscars and the people who race them with my need to show them to the rest of the world.

I am based in the Southeastern United States near Road Atlanta and am available to cover any motorsport. I will work with individual clients, teams, vendors, editors and art directors to provide any necessary imagery. Freelance magazine work and assignment photography are also accepted as I am able to travel extensively.